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DuPont Analysis of Coca-Cola

Conduct a DuPont analysis of Coca-Cola using real-world data, comparing and contrasting your results with an analysis conducted by Microsoft’s chatbot Copilot.


How to Train Your AI Dragon

Empower educators to craft innovative activities by training AI tools to enhance student learning outcomes, generate educational content, and design evaluation methods.


A Truth, a Lie, and a Blurry Line

Explore the problems and possibilities posed by synthetic images created with generative artificial intelligence, focusing specifically on the relationship between photography and reality.


Playtesting Your ChatGPT Prompt

Improve students' communication techniques by practicing “Rogers’s rules” for active listening with ChatGPT.


Demystifying AI Hype

Teach students to think critically about the rhetoric surrounding generative AI by interacting with the AI Hype Wall of Shame.


Exploring Neural Networks with Quick, Draw!

Introduce students to machine learning concepts by engaging them in a fun hands-on activity using Google’s Quick, Draw!


Heritage Speakers and Translingualism

Identify real translingual practices in an interview with a heritage language speaker after rehearsing with a chatbot.


The Medium is (a big part of) the Message

Critically explore how the interface design choices and “personalities” of AI writing tools impact our experience of interacting with them.


AI in Teachers’ Hands

Reflect on the impact and ethics of a teacher submitting an AI-generated reference letter without the student’s knowledge or consent.


AI Image Remixing

Students will work with an AI image mixer tool to explore the possibilities and limits of creative collaboration.

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