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AI Image Remixing

Students will work with an AI image mixer tool to explore the possibilities and limits of creative collaboration.


Debating the Ethics of Generative AI

Facilitate a debate between students about the potential harms and benefits of using generative AI tools in the classroom.


AI Misinformation Campaign

Guide students to misuse AI for a misinformation campaign in order to expose AI’s shortcomings and threats while encouraging them to think critically about persuasion, appeals in composition, and credibility.


A Tale of Two Critiques

Compare and reflect on a primary source, a ChatGPT-generated critique of that source, and a human-generated critique. The goal is for students to build skill and confidence with critical reading.


Illustrate a Hoax

Explore the potential for AI image-generation tools (e.g., DALL-E, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, etc.) to corroborate false narratives, or provide “evidence” that would be characterized as misinformation.


Arresting Metaphors

Students will evaluate AI tools' capacity to create poetic metaphors through reading, LLM experimentation, reflection, and discussion, as well as the role of metaphors in education.

Close Reading the Terms of Service

Students will become more familiar with the data and privacy impacts of creating an account with OpenAI, and gain experience with legal and technical texts along the way.

Critical Analysis Across AI Tools & Stereotypes

An update of the "pre-digital" exercise in which students compare multiple accounts of a particular theory from different authors. With AI tools, students engage in similar critical analysis and debate, while developing an understanding of what this software can (and cannot) do.


Exquisite AI Corpse

Experiment in the face of the unknown.


Rock, Paper, Scissors, Code!

Introduce students to the fundamentals of Python programming through a text-based rock, paper, scissors game. Teach students how to use ChatGPT as a code evaluation tool to find the edge cases of their program.

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