Quickstart Resources

The below resources are only a starting place. They are not meant to represent the breadth or depth of this growing field.

I’m new to AI and I’d love to learn more. Where might I start?

In terms of classroom and university policies, what have others done? Are there precedents I can review?

Who are some people writing about these topics? Who might I follow online?

What are some related Initiatives?

Where can I learn more about how AI relates to bias and discrimination, environmental impacts, privacy and surveillance, worker exploitation, misinformation, etc.? (there are many more; here are a few to start with!)

How should my students cite their use of these tools?

Are there online communities to discuss these topics?

Wait, there’s (much!) more. For an extensive, crowdsourced resource list, we recommend AI Text Generators: Sources to Stimulate Discussion Among Teachers, compiled by Anna Mills for the Writing Across the Curriculum Clearinghouse, which includes useful content on many topics, including:

We also recommend this curated resource list from the MLA-CCCC Joint Task Force on Writing and AI: Quick Start Guide to AI and Writing

Is there a resource you love and would recommend? Please drop us a note! [[email protected]]