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Correct a Bad Essay

Practice editing skills and learn about LLMs by generating a poorly written essay and then copy editing it with annotation and reasoning.


AI Sandwich

Use AI tools for the beginning and end of an assignment, with the middle being grounded in human knowledge and expertise.


AI as a Mirror

Is it possible to learn about oneself through dialog with a chatbot? What would be required to get there? What would that mean (psychologically, philosophically, and ethically)? Do we understand where self-knowledge comes from?


Analyzing AI “Literature”

Use AI-generated text to study the particularities of different literary styles.


Investigate Misleading AI-Generated Images

Investigate the circulation and creation of AI-generated images on social media to enhance students' ability to avoid being misled online.


Rehearsal to a Real Life Interview

By conducting an interview, students can develop research, speaking, and active listening skills. This assignment helps them prepare by rehearsing with a chatbot.


AI Validation

Students evaluate an LLM’s “reasoning” to clarify their own understanding of how to solve a problem.


Many Sides of Many Coins

Use Large Language Models to investigate competing narratives in contemporary debates and explore how AI tools might come to shape journalism.

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