Oscar Keyes

Virginia Commonwealth University



Oscar Keyes, Ph.D. (he/him/his) is the Multimedia Teaching & Learning Librarian at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. His research investigates the emergence of the camera in education and explores how that historical context might help us teach with emerging technologies today. His pedagogical approach considers how social issues can be critically scaffolded into technical instruction for various digital tools, such as image-editing software, game engines, and generative artificial intelligence. He has taught (new and old) media arts in various spaces, including higher education, K-12 schools, summer camps, community-based arts organizations, and detention centers. When he’s not busy teaching, Keyes still makes movies with his friends.


A Truth, a Lie, and a Blurry Line

Explore the problems and possibilities posed by synthetic images created with generative artificial intelligence, focusing specifically on the relationship between photography and reality.

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