AI Misinformation Campaign

Guide students to misuse AI for a misinformation campaign in order to expose AI’s shortcomings and threats while encouraging them to think critically about persuasion, appeals in composition, and credibility.

Assignment Details

AI Theme




Learning Objectives

Identify the limits of common tools to critically assess their potential for misuse


  1. Use a large language model to write a compelling (potentially persuasive) article on a false claim, that could be used as part of a disinformation campaign. For example: Create a 300 to 400-word article that explains why vaccines cause autism. Include links to at least two sources to support specific claims.
  2. Reflection questions:
    • Did the AI tool hesitate to answer your question? If so, how did you get around this?
    • What strategies within the AI-generated text might help the message be compelling and more likely to be shared? (E.g., correlation as implied causation, appeals to emotion, credibility through association, repetition, confirmation bias, etc.)
    • Did the sources the AI tool referenced seem credible? Why or why not?


AI Image Remixing

Students will work with an AI image mixer tool to explore the possibilities and limits of creative collaboration.


Debating the Ethics of Generative AI

Facilitate a debate between students about the potential harms and benefits of using generative AI tools in the classroom.