Jon Ippolito

Professor of New Media and Director of Digital Curation, University of Maine

AIPP Advisor



Jon Ippolito is a new media artist, writer, and curator who builds networks to help creative people battle tech monopolies, academic insularity, and planned obsolescence. Winner of the inaugural Thoma Prize for writing about digital art, he co-founded the University of Maine’s Digital Curation program, a digital badges platform, and the Learning With AI toolkit of strategies for adapting to a post-ChatGPT world. Ippolito has given over 200 presentations, co-authored the books At the Edge of Art and Re-collection: Art, New Media, and Social Memory, and published 70 chapters and articles in periodicals from Artforum to the Washington Post.


AI Sandwich

Use AI tools for the beginning and end of an assignment, with the middle being grounded in human knowledge and expertise.

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