AI Theme Bias

AI Misinformation Campaign

Two birds in suits sitting at a desk working
Guide students to misuse AI for a misinformation campaign in order to expose AI’s shortcomings and threats while encouraging them to think critically about persuasion, appeals in composition, and credibility.

A Tale of Two Critiques

Painting of a complex imaginative landscape with blue and pink circular buildings and people riding animals and flying through the air
Compare and reflect on a primary source, a ChatGPT-generated critique of that source, and a human-generated critique. The goal is for students to build skill and confidence with critical reading.

Critical Analysis Across AI Tools & Stereotypes

futuristic illustration of a city where people travel in small spacecraft
An update of the "pre-digital" exercise in which students compare multiple accounts of a particular theory from different authors. With AI tools, students engage in similar critical analysis and debate, while developing an understanding of what this software can (and cannot) do.

Correct a Bad Essay

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Practice editing skills and learn about LLMs by generating a poorly written essay and then copy editing it with annotation and reasoning.

Many Sides of Many Coins

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Use Large Language Models to investigate competing narratives in contemporary debates and explore how AI tools might come to shape journalism.